Tube & Fit Scaffolding

For projects requiring a more flexible solution e.g. complex designs and shapes, where standard sizes and lengths are not appropriate, the Tube and Fitting system is the more preferred option.

Birdcage Scaffold in Tube and Fit

This kind of scaffolding tube system is the most commonly used when the contractor requires unlimited versatility. The reason for this is that the horizontal scaffolding tubes can be placed at virtually any height alongside the vertical scaffolding tube. Vertical scaffolding tubes are also known as legs, and these can be spaced any distance apart, up to and including the maximum distance set by code of practice for access and working scaffolds. While the tube and fit scaffolding tube system is extremely versatile, it is also the most labour intensive, and as such, is often only used when versatility is a priority to all other issues on the job site.

​AGS can advise on the best scaffolding solution to manage challenges on your building projects.