Health and Safety

Focused on safety

ISO 45001 Standard in Health & Safety

AGS Q-mark Company in Health and Safety has achieved ISO 45001 Standard in Health Safety.

Due to the nature of the construction industry, Health Safety has emerged as one of the most important factors when undertaking a project. With AGS Scaffolding Services you can be assured of the highest standards in Health Safety practice in accordance with current legislation.

This level of assurance is afforded to our customers due to our emphasis on employee training and standards of workmanship combined with an excellent Health Safety policy. All our scaffolding equipment is manufactured to the highest standards and carries the B.S. Certification and is certified for use within the E.U.

Our company is active in maintaining its stringent Health Safety policy. Each employee actively maintains both their own and the health and safety of others in accordance with our company policy.

We provided our all staff with ongoing Health Safety Training which includes the following. Advanced Scaffold Ticket, Level 1 Scaffold Ticket, Safe Pass, Manual Handling, Working at Heigh, Confined Space MEWP/Scissors Lift, Teleporter etc.

Copies of all Relevant Tickets, Safe Passes can be had upon request.

Our Commitment

At AGS our commitment to you is to ensure the Health and Safety of your project is not compromised due to scaffolding.  We continue to strive for 100% commitment to Health & Safety standards through our training, management and supervision on site.  We are proud to be a Q-mark company holding the ISO:45001 Certification for providers of safe high quality scaffolding services to the Irish Private and Public Sectors. 

The Health and Safety of you and the persons in your charge is one of the key aspects when considering a project.  If you charge us with that responsibility it will be our highest priority too.

We can provide copies of all relevant staff certification required prior to commencement of works onsite upon request.

  • Safety Statement
  • Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS)
  • Staff Certification Compliance with relevant H&S
  • Copy of Indemnity Insurance

At AGS we are committed to safety and conduct inspections and maintenance checks on a regular basis during the hire process.

How do we maximise safety?

  • Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS)
  • Site Inspections

When do we carry out Site Inspections?

  • Following erection of scaffold
  • Prior to scaffold first use
  • Once every seven days thereafter
  • After the safety of the installation may have been jeopardised (Storm damage, vandalism etc)

When Safety matters contact AGS Scaffolding Experts!